tirsdag 26. mai 2009

Rotate Tag

I've never been able to rotate a tag using the Rotate command. It's eighter horizontal or vertical, nothing in between. Today I discovered that using Span Direction Symbols solves the problem for Slab Tags. I posted a reply to an AUGI Thread here, but later found that you don't need to use Align Perpendicular and RefPlanes, just use the regular Align command.
PS. Does, for some weird reason, not work when the aligning line is perpendicular to the Symbol.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Be ware that, rotating the Span Direction Symbol, actually changes the span direction of the slab.
    If you have a one way slab, like a composit metal deck (Plannja TRP). This is the key to get the span direction right (or wrong if you dont know about this effect). It will affect how the slab is shown in Section View.

  2. Thank you, Magne. For this particular project span direction isn't taken into consideration until the Robot model is generated, but I will sure pay attention to the slab span next time i rotate the symbol :)