torsdag 24. september 2009

Hollow Core Slabs modeled as beams

Ever had difficulties with joining and cut back of hollow core slabs modeled as beams? I read through a couple of forum- and blog posts today, and decided to try out the family template Metric Structural Framing - Complex and Trusses.rft. instead of the classic Metric Structural Framing - Beams and Braces.rft. And it works great! Read the posts and try it out:

onsdag 16. september 2009

The Building Coder

Because my colleague Håvard Dagsvik has asked a super-smart question to Mr. Jeremy Tammik, creator of the blog The Building Coder, I'm forced to write a post about it. The blog seems to be dedicated to making add.ins in Revit, and I suppose you can pick up hints and tips about development there. Mr. Tammik works for Autodesk and according to legend speaks Swedish.
Oh, the link.

mandag 14. september 2009

Shift+Arrows for Move

During a recent webinar I came to mention my newly favoured way of moving rebar symbols and tags, by using the keyboard arrow keys. I said to my dear listeners that the keyboard arrow move is zoom sensitive, that is the move distance for each key press increases when you zoom out.
After the webinar a colleague told me that you can hold Shift while pressing the arrow keys, and thus increase the move distance.
I've been using Revit for three years know. How embarrassing.

lørdag 5. september 2009

3dsmax-models in Revit

A very good friend sent this link to me yesterday. According to David Light a new Connection Extension for 3dsmax 2010 and 3dsmax Design 2010 subscription customers now enables the user to export models to SAT, a format both Revit and Inventor imports. Download it from Thanks Tanja!