fredag 21. august 2009

Summers gone

After my longest vacation ever, I'm back and have plenty of updating to do. This is what has happened over the last months:
First and foremost, Autodesk have released Update 1 for all their Revit 2010 products: RAC, RST and MEP.
RevPac 1.0 (Beta) has been introduced by CADWERX on this website. It's a set of productivity tools for Revit (all 2010 platforms).
A hotfix for NavisWorks, resolving issues with openings after Revit export, can be downloaded from here.
Norwegian structural engineers Rambøll are one of Norways most experienced Revit-using companies, and here's a (norwegian) article about them. Also, one of them, Magne, has started his own blog. I fear it will be me reading his blog, rather than the opposite way ;)
Tip on looking for missing items in Revit, from always present AECbytes. Written by Dan Stine.
Download and try (until January 13th) a Solar Radiation Technology Preview for Revit and Ecotect from Autodesk Labs here...
Watch Guillermo Melantoni playing with meshing in AutoCAD and Revit here!
Can you run Revit on Mac? Answer.
A movie clip, describing how to achieve clay renderings, is available here.
Tips on reducing file size of FBX files exported by Revit.
Impressive Revit project using 2010. Unknown language :)
HOK (David Light) explains Hosted Points in Revit Architecture 2010 here.
An Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010 Conceptual Design white paper can be downloaded from here. (Recommended).
AEC-Area have some interesing tips&tricks on Revit.
Strusoft finally made a plug-in for Revit in their FEM Design (widely used in Norway). Try it here, and finally..
...Simon Gillis has started a Revit blog focused on Autodesk's sustainable design toolbox.
I'm sorry for the poor update post, but it was the only way I could ever start again!

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