tirsdag 26. mai 2009

Rotate Tag

I've never been able to rotate a tag using the Rotate command. It's eighter horizontal or vertical, nothing in between. Today I discovered that using Span Direction Symbols solves the problem for Slab Tags. I posted a reply to an AUGI Thread here, but later found that you don't need to use Align Perpendicular and RefPlanes, just use the regular Align command.
PS. Does, for some weird reason, not work when the aligning line is perpendicular to the Symbol.

mandag 25. mai 2009

IE8 and Revit x64

There seems to be a problem with installing Revit 2009 and/or 2010 x64 and Internet Explorer 8 on the same OS. Please read more on David Baldacchino's blog.

torsdag 21. mai 2009


Reading my last posts over again, I realize I've grown too much affection to using questions in the blog post headers. I will stop this at once. Maybe.
Two links today:
AUGI World Issue 2/2009 has a lot of both interesting and dead boring articles to offer for Revit users, mainly on the 2010 releases. I am a structural engineer myself, mainly occupied with Revit Structure, but found the article on MEP more interesting than that os RST. Perhaps you'll have a different experience. Find out here.
I have mentioned Autodesk Ecotect Analysis before, and today I was informed of these training packages for download.

fredag 8. mai 2009

Revit job?

My company Cad-Q apparently think I'm too lacy, because we now seem to be looking for a new Revit consultant. If my boss is looking for my colleague or replacement, I don't know, but I nevertheless encourage you to take a look, and apply if you feel you could share an office with me (I'm quite noisy).

Revit on facebook?

If any of you, my dear few readers, are on facebook, you should check out both the Autodesk Revit group, and the videos posted there. I myself had a look at this interview just now, and find great inspiration in watching other people test the limits of Revit, integrated design and BIM.
PS: Autodesk Ecotect is available for download! Learn more about sustainable design here.

tirsdag 5. mai 2009


As a follow-up to Magnes comment to my last post, here's the final blow to those hoping for a Classic UI-button in Revit 2010.
Help for those struggeling with the Ribbon Interface here and here.
My fellow Reviteer, Lars Ribbum at DARK, says he likes the new interface. I consider calling him Lars Ribbon from now on. Come to think of it, I remember back in December 2008 when I and Mr. Ribbum were at AU in Vegas, Autodesk invited my companion to participate in some kind of 2010 lavel of stress test. They wanted to see how his physical reaction to a new interface was, and they must have misspelled when they failed to call it the Ribbum Interface.