fredag 5. september 2014

Revit Technology Conference Europe 2014 i Dublin 30.10-1.11

For andre år på rad arrangeres Revit Technology Conference (RTC) Europe, og i år skal vi til Irland. Torsdag 30.10 til Lørdag 1.11 fylles Dublin Castle til randen av det som kan krype og gå av ressurspersoner innen BIM, Revit og digital byggdesign i Europa og verden til et kalas uten sidestykke. Dette skriver arrangementskomiteen (på engelsk):

RTC Europe 2014
Dublin, Ireland

Thursday 30th October – Saturday 1st November 2014

Building on the success of the 2014 Australasian and North American events, RTC comes back for its second year in Europe, with the venue set in the beautiful Dublin Castle, at the centre of a truly unique capital.

RTC is an event covering Building Information Modelling in all its aspects, with a core focus on workflows centred on Autodesk Revit, as well as complementary and alternative applications. This is a unique ‘for users, by users’ event, where experts and leaders in the field of BIM share their knowledge and experience, express their passion and exchange their insights.

As an independently-run conference created by industry professionals like you, we strive to produce the best BIM event you’ll get to each year. RTC focuses on the best use of the best tools, techniques and processes—not just for the technical experts, but for business leaders as well, with an entire stream of sessions dedicated to business leadership. We are also committed to cross-discipline and cross-sector engagement, with a regular attendee base from all design disciplines, construction, building owners, developers, facility management, quantity surveying, project management and academia.

This year’s program in Dublin boasts a rapidly expanding cohort of European experts including returning speakers such as Pierre Roscelli, Håvard Vasshaug and Graham Stewart, as well as those new to the roster, such as Rebecca de Cicco, Mattias Sahlberg, and David Philp. More classes for contractors, more classes on API and third party tools, more of everything! This year’s event runs for 3 days, hosts 70 classes, and spends Friday night at the Guinness Factory! This year we also introduce RTC Labs to the European event. An opportunity to work hands-on in a class led by some of the top Revit gurus worldwide, these classes always fill up fast (only 40 places per session) so make sure you take the opportunity to work on projects under the tutelage of great teachers like Steve Shell, Brian Mackey and Julian Benoit.

We want you to learn and to be inspired, and to inspire others to become better. Many of our past attendees have benefited from strong career advancement—we’d like to think it’s because they’re the people we attract to our events, and because we facilitate some part of their growth as industry professionals. There is a reason why over 90% of past delegates want to come back!

Come to RTC for innovative, thought-provoking and informative presentations and discussions, entertaining social functions, and high-powered networking, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. RTC is the place to recharge your passion for BIM. For more detail, visit and register today!

I fjor var 1 av 3 deltakere i Delft fra Skandinavia. Dette forteller oss at interessen for en kommersielt uavhengig teknologikonferanse for europeisk byggebransje er stor i Norge, Sverige og Danmark. Bli med Mattias Sahlberg og meg til Dublin for fortelle resten av Europa om våre problemer, ideer og løsninger, og for å lære hva de gjør i Paris, London og Los Angeles!


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