tirsdag 28. april 2009


First of all, sorry for the long scilence. On April 2nd I became father to my first son, and he does not seem to care very much that Revit 2010 is in the stores. Ah well, hopefully he'll learn... (I have a strange feeling I'll say this many times over the coming years).
In any case, yes Revit 2010 is available. Download, install and try out new features:
There are many exciting new features in this release, especially on data exchange (.adsk for instance), but what everyone will notice first is the ribbon UI. Loved by some, hated by many, I predict that it will indeed grow on you as time goes by. It better will, beacuse efforts to find a command called "Bring back my old UI", or something similar, have beared no fruits at all...

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  1. I have been i touch with these guys:
    The promised to make something for Revit too....