fredag 13. mars 2009

Revit 2010!

Revit 2010 is around the corner, and I predict many will struggle the first days of using it because of the brand new user interface. My only advice is to give it a chance, and be patient. The ribbon is growing on me!
Here are some highlights from Revit Architecture 2010:

Conceptual Design Enhancements

·         New and innovative conceptual design features provide easier-to-use tools for freeform modelling and parametric design, and the ability to support the earliest design analyses.

·         Sketch freely, create 3D forms more quickly and manipulate forms interactively.

·         Prepare models for fabrication and construction with built-in tools for conception and clarification of complex forms. New tools to divide, pattern and panelise designs make forms more buildable.

Improved User Interface

·         New streamlined user interface helps users find favourite tools and commands faster, locate lesser-used tools more efficiently and discover new features more easily.

·         Customisable Quick Access Toolbar allows one-click access to a user’s favourite and most frequently used tools.

·         The ribbon feature is organised around the way designers work, enabling users to find the tools to accomplish tasks without searching all over the user interface.

·         Consistent user interfaces between most Autodesk software applications allows users to move between programs more smoothly.

Performance and Interoperability

·         New native 64-bit support enhances the software’s ability to handle large projects and improve performance and stability for memory-intensive tasks such as rendering, printing, model upgrading and file importing and exporting.

·         Expanded API (application programming interface) support.

·         Export to AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software and import from Autodesk® Inventor® , while preserving parametric data.

·         gbXML (green building XML) improvements allow users to help streamline the collaboration process with external analysis applications.

Elsewere, Lachmi Khemlani has written a long (suprise) report on the entire Autodesk 2010 portfolio here. Extremely interesting and well written, but pick up a cup of coffee before you start reading.
Last, Autodesk's own press room have released som material a while ago here.

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  1. When can I get my dirty ink-stained hands on revit 2010?????

  2. Don't know. By the end of March, perhaps? Beta 3 is out now :)