tirsdag 27. januar 2009

Revit Structure External Tools Updates

Yesterday a new update of Extensions4Revit was published to the Subscription Center. It seems to me that there are no real feature updates to the existing extensions, except to the Compare Models command, which now includes more detailed information about the models it compares. This I must admit is a real blow to us waiting for Slab Reinforcement and an improved Analysis Integration Enabler, but I both hope and think we'll see new updates in the not so distant future. You'll might be able to see the Feature Summary here. Please let me know if the link doesn't work.
Oh yeah, and the new release includes russian and japanese languages (finally!).
Better news to those not doing reinforcement and Robot integration (who might that be?), come in the form of the brand new Bridge Modeling Toolkit, this also available through the Subscription Center. This is the first in a series of bridge modeling extensions, and I belive we'll see regular updates over the next year. It's worth mentioning that this is not just a new command in External Tools. From the download page:
The Bridge Toolkit for Revit® Structure 2009 software provides information, tools, content, and datasets that will better enable structural engineers and drafters to address infrastructure build-out as it relates to bridges. Specific components include:
Box Girder Methodology and Datasets
Precast Girder Methodology and Datasets
Bridge Components .rfa Content
Bridge Modeling Using Revit Structure 2009 Software (Tips and Tricks)
All todays news came to me from Autodesk employee Ralph Pullinger, who also provided me with a fix to the problem I've had with Revit Structure x84 WU3 and RPC content. Read about both the problem and corresponding solution here. Thank you Ralph!

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